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Ever find yourself making business decisions without enough information? Have disparate data sources that don’t communicate with each other?

Big data solutions can change all of that. By implementing big data infrastructure, coupled with machine learning, IoT, and AI, you can acquire insight like never before and start making more informed, effective decisions.

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Our Expertise

Big Data

Our consultants work with you to identify your critical business questions while our architects do a deep dive into your existing data infrastructure. We ensure that you have the required volume, variability, and velocity to support a big data solution. Then, we present you with a comprehensive solution for data collection, ingestion, and processing. We excel at providing highly available and reliable systems.



IoT devices are fantastic solutions for meeting the criteria of capturing high-volume, high-variety, and high-velocity datasets. Our consultants work directly with you to identify solutions for implementing and utilizing IoT devices and consolidating their data output into consumable formats.


Machine Learning

With the infrastructure in place to capture big data, we work with your business experts to develop algorithms that make sense of your data and start answering your critical business questions.


Automated Intelligence

Let your data work for you by incorporating AI solutions that predict business trends. From inventory management and risk management to financial forecasting and target market trending, AI solutions use your data to make relevant predictions that help drive efficiency and effectiveness in your business.

Big data and its associated tools are complex technologies that require expert design, coordination, implementation, and execution. The following are keys to successfully implementing business intelligence processes backed by big data solutions:

  • Value - Is the data being captured relevant to answering your business questions?
  • Trust - How secure are your data sources? Do they provide accurate information that can be trusted?
  • Space - With the volume, variety, and velocity required for successful big data solutions, is your infrastructure prepared to scale quickly and cost-effectively to meet demand?

Our Technology

At Unidev, we have experience with a variety of big data tools and technologies. Work with us to determine what technology is most compatible with your infrastructure, budget, and goals.

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