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.NET is the backbone of any software developed for use on a Microsoft platform. Whether on desktop, web, mobile, or cloud, the .NET ecosystem is mature, stable, and offers a broad set of tools to choose from. Our developers bring decades of experience in .NET and related languages like C#—experience we leverage to build long-lasting, high-performing solutions for use on Microsoft and other platforms.

Over the last 20 years, the .NET ecosystem has grown and diversified, and as such, many organizations discover that their old .NET applications need updating. Our developers have decades of experience working in .NET with C# at its foundation, enabling us to help maintain and modernize your solution, no matter what phase of .NET technology it dates back to. An understanding of past .NET code patterns and technologies allows us to improve your code and make it more easily maintainable long-term.

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Powerful Data Integration

When it comes to modern enterprise solutions, we draw on our deep experience in data design, integration, and management to handle complex and vast quantities of data, and to integrate them with your solution. We use tools like Microsoft SQL Server, LINQ, and Entity Framework to deliver .NET solutions with strong data storage and integration.

Familiar with all the systems that integrate with .NET, we can also develop solutions that integrate well with your existing processes. As these integrated systems are often the repositories of critical data, this is a key element for developing or updating any .NET system connected with data.

Through API development, cloud scaling with Azure, and refactoring existing code, we resolve conflicting technologies, improve performance and maintainability, and bring legacy .NET solutions into the 21st century.


The hallmark of modern enterprise solutions is their dependence on and integration with vast quantities of data. Unidev software developers have strong data design, integration and management experience using Microsoft SQL Server. Database design, store procedure generation, code data tools including LINQ and Entity Framework combine to make data core to the .NET solutions we deliver.

In developing a new solution, we aim to give you the most successful, cost-effective, and long-term outcome. That’s why we focus on making your solution scalable, flexible, and easily maintainable. We also make sure it won’t crash or fail as your system gains users. To do that, we use the cloud in the form of Microsoft’s Azure platform, along with other proven tools and our proven experience.

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Our Technology

C# is the primary .NET development language we use, but with experience in many programming languages, we can easily adjust to match your project’s needs.

Some of the additional technologies we use to create new .NET solutions include Visual Studio, VS Code, and SSMS. To build robust code, we use Microsoft and third-party tools from JetBrains, Atlassian, and others. For software development projects with more scaling and reach, we rely on Azure, Microsoft’s cloud platform; and we use JavaScript, combined with Razor pages in Blazor websites, for interactive functionality.

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