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IoT refers to a network of devices and systems that exchange information over the internet. These types of solutions often combine many forms of technology to meet a specific need, but it’s not as easy as all that: creating an IoT solution means taking into consideration things like space and size limitations, network and power availability, scale, and environment.

Unidev has been operating in the IoT space for decades, and as such, we’ve leveraged IoT solutions to empower clients in transportation, logistics, manufacturing, industrial, and more. With a long history in IoT development, we know how to handle common issues like noisy data, limited connectivity, and less than ideal environments.

When you need an IoT product that’s not commercially available, we can help you build it. Whether it’s implementing a kiosk, integrating your hardware and software with an industrial computer, or adapting software for a mobile device and connecting it with external devices, we have the specific expertise to work on your project, no matter the requirements.

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IOT Services We Provide Include…

Image Capture and Processing

When you need to monitor traffic, read license plates, scan items with multiple barcodes, or evaluate an emotional response, image capture and processing is your best friend. Experienced in using a wide variety of cameras, from remote POE (Power over Ethernet) to small, integrated devices like the ESP32, we leverage advanced image processing and machine learning to quickly perform tasks with high accuracy.


Data Conversion

Gathering data is only step one. When an IoT device collects data, it’s often not in a format that can be easily transmitted. That’s when you need image processing tools to extract barcodes, QR codes, and numerical data and convert it into a format that can be easily read by other systems. We can provide solutions that utilize these tools to quickly convert and transmit data in real time.


Identification and Validation

IoT solutions can act as a second pair of eyes to help ensure quality throughout your operations. For example, certain solutions can validate that materials in your production line match the requirements for the finished product. We’ve been working with tools like auto identification, barcodes, QR codes, and RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) from day one, and we know how to integrate these into larger solutions so everything runs seamlessly.


Hardware Integration

Businesses are constantly finding new uses for IoT, and sometimes hardware can’t keep up. PLCs (Programmable Logic Controller), microcontrollers, SoCs (System on a Chip), mobile devices, Bluetooth, and WiFi systems are supposed to speed up your progress, but when they fall behind new technology, they often end up delaying things instead. When this happens, Unidev can step in to create a solution that connects both sides of your operations while enhancing productivity. Using direct integration or PLC devices, we’ll provide the unique fix to your specific problem.

Because IoT solutions involve both software and hardware components, our team combines the best developers from both backgrounds. Decades of combined experience in hardware and software allows us to provide end-to-end, industry-best IoT solutions. Whether it’s hardware and software integration, machine learning, image recognition, or edge hardware, our developers are well-qualified to meet all your IoT demands. Our experience includes:

  • Hybrid Hardware/Software Solutions
  • Image Recognition
  • AI/Machine Learning
  • Integration with Existing Hardware
  • Edge Hardware
  • Site-Specific Integrated Solutions

Our Technology

Because IoT is still evolving at a rapid pace, creating IoT solutions often involves a very broad set of tools. We use specialized software to identify, convert, and transmit data, and to keep scanners and devices integrating seamlessly. When working with microcontrollers and SoC hardware, we use languages like Python that include specific extensions for the task at hand.

AI and machine learning are also important tools in our playbook. We use these to process and manage data in situations with network and bandwidth limitations, when it’s a challenge to send raw data to a central location for processing. AI and machine learning allow us to process the data, then decide how much of it should go to a central location.

When it comes to hardware, we’re constantly adding new tools to enhance the services we can offer. Embracing technology old and new, we know how to keep hardware devices performing at the highest level, how to protect them from harm, and how to combine them with other tools for the best possible results. Whatever specific requirements your project involves, you can trust us to see to all the details large and small.

Cameras, Laser Scanners

Preparing Images for Evaluation

Evaluating Images & Data in Real-Time

Bluetooth Low Energy for Mobile Devices

Programable Logic Controllers

Industry & Environment Specific Enclosures

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