The Challenge

Unidev worked with a sales engagement platform that enables sales agencies to reach out to large numbers of prospects on behalf of their many clients through organized campaigns that incorporate phone calls (via Twilio), emails, LinkedIn outreach, and handwritten notes. Campaigns can have many steps timed to occur simultaneously or in succession at specific times. The application collects statistics about outcomes, employee performance, and A/B testing of a variety of campaign elements.

They came to Unidev to get their application over the finish line through final development efforts on their large body of code as well as technical documentation.

The Solution

Unidev provided three key services. First, we provided tactical code updates and modifications to meet the immediate needs of their client base. Second, we provided consulting and training on the code base to the their internal team. Finally, we provided general consulting in regard to maintaining and developing the solution as a whole.

Technologies and platforms used include:

  • Microsoft C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Azure

The Result

The result of the project is a successful cloud-based application on Azure that was taken from the unfinished, development stage, to production stage. The client is happy to not only have a completed product, but the documentation needed to maintain the technology into the future.

Many clients that come to Unidev find themselves in a similar situation. The person that developed the solution has left the company and is no longer maintaining the code and has not prepared the documentation needed to easily pick up where they left off. Our developers can step in on a variety of different technologies and platforms to both fix and/or maintain the system and to create the necessary documentation.


Biggest Win
Being able to move forward with the existing code base and create a final application with thorough, technical documentation.

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