As your Big Data applications grow, it is important to consider the data management architecture needed to support your applications in a cost-efficient manner. Certified Cassandra developers at Unidev will partner with you to implement an Apache Cassandra™ solution that will overcome the limitations and problems of current traditional data management operations.

Unidev will assist with DataStax & Cassandra implementation as your DataStax consultant in order to create scalable application to manage your organization’s Big Data needs. DataStax delivers Apache Cassandra in a database platform and was developed for the performance and availability demands of Web, Mobile, and Internet of Things (IoT) applications with the needs of Big Data technology. The secure database platform can be scaled in a single datacenter or across multiple datacenters and clouds. Working with Unidev as your DataStax partner, ensures you will have developers that have the skills and experience to implement a solution that will effectively handle your data management needs. Apache Cassandra is used by leading companies such as Netflix, eBay, Safeway, Nike, Intuit, Comcast, and Williams Sonoma.

Benefits Include:

  • Faster Development Speed
  • Centralized Capability
  • Highly Scalable
  • Robust Functionality
  • Multi-model Potency
  • Business Agility
  • Low Operational Overhead
  • Vast Amounts of Data Storage
  • Real-time Security Monitoring

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