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The transportation and logistics industry is making headlines, so it’s no surprise that it’s projected to grow over the next decade or so. But this industry is nothing new to us. With experience in transportation and logistics solutions dating back to 1990, we’ve developed and maintained innovative solutions for a Class 1 railroad and many clients in the trucking industry.

A long history in transportation and logistics means we understand the specifics of the industry as well as the technological requirements of each project. We know all about the industry’s financial and regulatory aspects, just as we know about the goals you’re trying to achieve and the tools and strategies that will get you there.

In a market that’s more competitive and risk-fraught than ever, your organization needs stronger, better solutions. Our skilled, seasoned developers can enhance security, provide backup and recovery options, simplify big data management, and improve the success and resiliency of your company through robust, dynamic solutions.

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Our Transportation and Logistics Solutions are…


Unless you want to fall behind in this industry, your organization needs to run like clockwork. That means having tried-and-true systems in place not just for when things go right, but for when they go wrong. We create solutions with in-built security, compliance, backup and recovery, and broad connectivity to keep everything running smoothly. Our products allow for easy, reliable tracking and managing of both physical and digital assets.



In logistics and transportation, big data is a given. You need powerful tools to manage enormous amounts of data generated from many devices, and to quickly turn that data into information. While this is still an emerging area in software development, we have direct experience with big data tools and methodologies, which puts us one step ahead and allows us to deliver the proven, high-power solutions you need. In fact, by more effectively managing and transmitting our clients’ data, we’ve helped them uncover hidden sources of revenue.



The transportation and logistics ecosystem involves a lot of moving parts. Whether it’s asset management, cross-system auditing and reconciliation, mobile device interactions with end-users, or edge IoT devices like scanners and RFID readers—we know how best to integrate and manage all the moving parts that help drive your success.



Financial information is often central to what you do, which means protecting it is crucial. We provide compliant, highly secure solutions at all levels—incorporating software, hardware, and defense in depth and other methodologies to manage and minimize risk—so you can ensure all your sensitive information is kept safe.

Not everyone is sitting at a desk all day—your systems and processes need to work both in the office and out on the road. Secure, high-functioning, and versatile, our solutions can be customized to your unique business model and operational tasks. Working in a number of spaces, we develop, maintain, and optimize products to keep your team on track, your assets well-protected, and your business thriving.

Our development team specializes in:

  • Transportation & Logistics Software
  • Large-Scale Enterprise Solutions
  • Big Data
  • Web Services & APIs
  • Security & Compliance
  • IoT Integration

Our Technology

Our goal in building any software is to make it reliable and maintainable long-term. To that aim, we suit our programming language to your platform, system requirements, and environment. While we use Java and C# (the industry’s preferred languages), we reevaluate our tools and processes for each project in order to bring you the very best results. Some cases may call for a number of different tools.

For solutions with many moving parts, such as mobile and edge IoT devices, we use APIs, web services, and IoT devices for reliable data communication. Our IoT solutions often combine off-the-shelf hardware with custom applications. For massive amounts of data, we may use Scala and legacy big data tools. When it comes to protecting your financial information, we use a number of technologies and operate using software, hardware, and various methodologies.

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