The Challenge

Our client approached us with a major need: upgrade their legacy software system to be fully configurable and customizable. This included how forms were built, what data was displayed, and how to validate, control, and store the input data. The legacy system needed to be updated to today’s technology while maintaining the same services to customers and adding improvements based on customer feedback.

The Solution

Through close daily communication and collaboration with the client’s internal team of system experts, located around the globe, Unidev worked to fully understand the complexities of the project and provide solutions for the new system.

We fully analyzed the existing legacy system to determine the functional business requirements and system architecture. Our team developed project management and risk analysis and from this, we designed, developed, tested, and deployed the new system.

Technologies and platforms used include:

  • Xamarin (Android)
  • C#
  • .NET
  • Thermal Printers

The Result

Our development team used Xamarin to build this application. The only version out currently is an Android version, but future builds will be done for both Windows and iOS devices which is the reason Xamarin was selected. It allows the developer to write all of the data and business logic once, then write a presentation layer for each device type.


Biggest Win
Collaboration: multiple teams in different countries made communication extremely important and the reason the project was successful relied on the team’s commitment to daily communication. This was especially hard due to the time difference between the different countries, but everyone was always ready and prepared for the meetings.

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