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When you need to develop simultaneously for Android and iOS, Xamarin (an open-source platform for app development) offers a reliable solution. Unlike code developed specifically for one platform or the other, Xamarin allows you to write code in the widely used .NET languages, which makes it a faster way to build a solid app that will function well on both platforms.

On top of that, our developers use some well-tested tricks of the trade to further speed up and simplify the process. By following strategies like reusing code, we often cut development time in half and lessen the workload on both our team and yours.

But simply using Xamarin won’t guarantee that your app works well on each platform. To do that, you’ll need to be familiar with how each platform works and what its specific rules and requirements are. Our developers have created successful products for both Android and iOS, so we can build a stable, effective product that will function successfully on both.

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Multi-Platform, Multi-Device, Multipurpose

User experience is everything. That’s why we take such care to create cross-platform apps that look custom-made for each platform, instead of resembling a hybrid mix of the two. We achieve this by using as much platform-independent code as possible. Besides giving your users a seamless experience, this makes the product easier to maintain in the long run. Once finished, your app can be distributed either internally or via the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

Some apps need to have device-specific features which are implemented differently on each platform. Due to our experience developing for multiple platforms, we can easily handle these as needed, while still developing the majority of the project within Xamarin.

We’re also familiar with developing for a range of devices: from smartphone to tablet and custom devices with built-in radio or scanning. As part of our work in the logistics, transportation, and manufacturing industries, we’ve built products with features and capabilities that go beyond those of your average consumer mobile app.

Mobile apps today need strong connectivity through the cloud. We have a strong track record of creating data-driven Xamarin solutions that integrate with databases and other resources, and can build a consumer or enterprise solution that speaks to your organization’s unique needs.

Our Xamarin app experience includes:

  • Cross-Platform Expertise
  • Deployment to Google & Apple App Stores
  • Common- & Platform-Specific Code
  • Multi-Device Experience
  • Cloud Connectivity
  • Data-Driven Applications

Our Technology

For Xamarin development, we use the Microsoft technology stack and C# programming language. Because of this, the widely used .NET languages make up a core part of any Xamarin project, and this allows us to bring in a wide range of experienced developers with various specialized skills.

When it comes to connectivity and integration with APIs and custom solutions, we use Azure cloud services to provide broad availability and seamless communication. For backend data, we implement using SQL, hosted on Microsoft’s SQL Server.

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