Online Marketing News Vol. 1, Issue 6

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Ecommerce for the 2015 Holiday Season  

According to this article from, there are four data-driven e-commerce trends from the 2014 holiday shopping season that could help prepare us for what to expect this year.  
One of the trends discussed the importance of focusing on a longer time frame rather than concentrating on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  While these are still big days for the shopping season, trends show that consumers are beginning to stretch their shopping out over the long haul.  Be ready to offer great deals throughout the season, beginning as early as Nov. 1st.  Also, be prepared with the extra help you may need with order fulfillment and shipping.  Make sure your website is easy to navigate and functioning optimally to give your customers a smooth, hassle-free shopping experience.  
Read the full article here.  If you need assistance implementing any of the ideas to help your business boom during this holiday season, contact the marketing team at Unidev.  We’d be happy to help.

Successful Marketing for Small Businesses has pinpointed 10 traits that online marketers should look into in order to be successful.  One of those traits mentioned the need for competent managers and suggested that in an effort to get the most out of your team it might be beneficial to outsource your marketing or IT professionals.  Particularly if you have a start-up or small business, you should let your team focus on what they do best.  Then, rather than adding the hassle and extra cost associated with hiring a full-time marketer or other professional, it makes sense to outsource these skills to get the help you need when you need it. 
Read the full article to get the details.  Outsourcing can be a big decision for a company, but if you find yourself in need of a little extra professional help, Unidev would be happy to assist you.  

Schemas and Breadcrumbs 

In one of our recent newsletters we talked about the benefits of schemas. Schemas help search engines pull information in data groups so the correct information is relayed to the user.  Breadcrumbs also help the user by indicating where a page is located within the site, defining the path of the category, subcategory, etc. When breadcrumbs are available, a user can quickly move back to a previous section of the path with one click.  When schema markup is added to breadcrumbs, it clearly marks the navigation path a user takes while clicking through a site and displays this navigation path as part of the search result listing for that page. This helps both search engines and users better understand the content of the page by defining where it is located in the website hierarchy.  Would breadcrumbs be a helpful component of your website?