A Snapshot of Unidev’s Website Launch Process

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Website Launch Process ImageThere’s a lot involved in the website development process, and it can be difficult for clients to know what to ask, especially when they feel out of their element. To make it a little easier, we want to give a bit of insight into what to expect throughout the process.

What Does a Website Look Like Before It Launches?

After the kick-off meeting and the mock-ups and designs have been determined, we set up a development environment as a place to start building the website. Once the design and content buildout begins, we send the client a URL so they can see what has been started and can check the progress as the development team works. This allows the client to check in on their project regularly, even daily if they would like. If the client sees things they want to change as work progresses, they can comment on it, and the team can change it as they proceed. Small changes like colors or images are easy to accommodate; bigger functionality changes require a change order and can impact the timeline of the project.

Along with access to the development site, at least once a week, the project manager will contact the client with an update on the project and timeline.

What to Expect During a Website Launch?

We know how exciting it is for our clients to launch a new website, so we want to make sure it goes as smoothly as possible; that’s why we like to launch new sites early in the week and morning. We want to be in the office to make sure everything’s okay and work out any kinks or anything that could potentially happen with the site change. Typically, all the kinks have already been worked out during the testing phase of development, so we know that the site will function properly when it’s live. What the client sees in the development environment is what they see when the site goes live; there should be no surprises.

We suggest that when an organization is launching a new website, they wait to advertise the launch until the day after the site launches. It could take up to 24-48 hours for all web users to see the new site because it could take a couple of days for all servers around the world to get the new Domain Name System (DNS) settings for the new site. Typically, it doesn’t take that long; usually, users can see the new site within a few hours, but sometimes it can take longer. This is why we suggest clients give it a little time before announcing their new site launch.

What Happens After the Site Launches?

After the site launches, Unidev is still here for support and maintenance. We don’t finish a website and disappear. We offer a warranty period after sites launch. The warranty won’t cover functionality changes, but it covers any bugs that might be found as the site stands. We back up our work and guarantee that we will fix issues covered by the warranty. The Unidev team stands by our work because we know that craftsmanship matters.

Now that you know a little bit about our process, if you’re looking for a web development partner, contact us, and let’s discuss your project. If you’ve recently launched a site and need help with website maintenance, or fixing bugs, contact Unidev.