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Professionals and consumers alike agree- mobile is king. Did you know that 96% of Americans own a cell phone? And according to Pew Research, one-in-five American adults only use the internet on their phone! A significant number of these smartphone-only users do not use traditional broadband internet service at all. Responsive Design and DevelopmentAnd this shift is only expected to continue!

‘Mobile-friendly’ was once a term reserved for only the most progressive of websites, but has become outdated in the era of mobile-first web design. You don’t want your site to merely work on mobile; you want your site to thrive on mobile. You need to create a better, more seamless, responsive user experience to push those conversions. A poorly designed mobile website drives your possible clients and customers to more cutting-edge competitors. In fact, according to Google, users are 90% more likely to leave your page if it takes 5 seconds to load versus 1 second. That’s a lot of users. Why not optimize their experience, address mobile-first breakpoints, and ensure they get the information they need in an effective manner? And this doesn’t just apply to large-scale enterprises, small businesses can also benefit from a mobile upgrade. According to SBA, as of 2019, 36% of small businesses don’t have a website at all, and 58% of those without websites would like to build one. By utilizing mobile-first best practices for your small business, you position yourself at the forefront of technology and consumer trust among your competitors. 

Mobile visitors want smooth, easy-to-navigate websites, which is great news for your marketing strategy. By paring down your website into its fundamental parts, it is possible for you to really drive home your company’s mission and your call-to-action. Visitors will see what you want them to see, but more importantly, they’ll see it in a clean, modern format that reflects the expertise and dependability your company embodies. By having an optimized mobile website, you maintain better brand consistency. You are able to fine-tune the user experience across a wide variety of platforms so that the customer has the flexibility to interact with your brand however they choose.

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A well-designed, responsive mobile website will better prepare you for future success in our mobile-first world. As opposed to designing a new site every time the latest iPhone comes out, a responsive site will continue to work effectively as the technology progresses, which saves you time and money. It also saves your end-users a lot of frustration! This way, every user gets the optimum experience for their handheld mobile devices, from smartphone to tablet. Your newly designed responsive mobile site will evolve with both technology and with your brand.

Here at Unidev, we strive to create powerful mobile sites that echo your brand’s goals and communicate clearly and effectively with visitors. We optimize our websites for your company and your customers with responsive design and cutting-edge UI. Mobile sites are a critical way to establish your brand's presence and to assure you reach as many customers as possible online. With Unidev, you can guarantee that your business has a fully-established presence that is tailored specifically to your needs and optimized for mobile use. To learn more about how mobile-first website design can benefit your business, contact us today and view our latest responsive website designs here.